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Advantages and disadvantages of new global trends in communication with AI

On September 5th we had the opportunity to be in conference with Ivan Camargo Customer Engineering, Public Sector LATAM at Google and our Region Manager Sandy Baron.

Welcome to the threshold of a new era of communication! In an ever-changing world, technology and artificial intelligence are intertwined to completely redefine the way we connect, interact and share information. Today, we take a fascinating journey into the pros and cons of AI-driven global communication trends. From unprecedented personalization capabilities to ethical challenges and loss of authenticity, we’ll explore in depth how these innovations are shaping our communication landscape. Get ready to discover the radical changes AI is introducing to our world as we navigate the turbulent waters of the digital revolution – it’s time to step into the conversation that will define the future of communication!

Speaker: Iván Camargo Customer Engineering, Public Sector LATAM at Google

Iván Camargo is a Systems Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the information technology field. He studied at Cornell University in Innovation Strategy and is part of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) professional program at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Ivan has worked in different roles such as consulting engineer, pre-sales specialist, solutions architect and Chief of architecture and cloud strategy at IBM, Red Hat, Unisys and VMware. He currently works as a Consultant at Google accompanying organizations in Latin America in the public sector, in their service modernization strategies, leveraging the most modern and efficient technologies in the cloud.

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